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Working closely with ABTA – The Travel Association, C2 are pleased to announce two further phases of Microsoft Dynamics CRM development have now been completed.  

Building on a CRM Membership Management platform developed by C2 for ABTA, C2 have now delivered Consumer Dispute Resolution and Financial Protection solutions. The flexible and configurable capability of Dynamics CRM has enabled a tailored solution to be designed specific to the requirements of ABTA. The overall solution seamlessly integrates with their member and public websites, providing seamless data management.  The solutions provide improved internal efficiencies, whilst also improving the service for both members and the public.  

Consumer Dispute Resolution: leveraging off of the Case Management capability of Dynamics CRM, consumer complaints are submitted via the ABTA website and are recorded as Cases in CRM. Complaints submitted are then managed from; investigation, arbitration, appeal, through to resolution. All relevant documentation is stored against the respective case for completeness. ABTA are able to raise Case Queries on the web for the consumer or member to respond to. Post resolution surveys are conducted and the results are captured in CRM enabling a full 360 degree audit.

Financial Protection: centres on a complex data relationship model with intricate formula. Financial Protection captures each member’s financial fingerprint. The ABTA CRM system analyses submitted metrics to calculate annual insurance bonding terms specific to each member. This ensures that appropriate consumer protection is in place in the event of a business failure by a member, safeguarding the travelling public.

ABTA is the UK’s leading travel association; they have been at the heart of travel for over 60 years. Their purpose is to help their Members to grow their businesses successfully and sustainably, and to help their customers – the travelling public – have confidence in their travel experience. ABTA has over 1,200 travel agent and tour operator Members and represents nearly 4,000 retail outlets and offices. More information about ABTA can be found at

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