Programmatically add a note to a CRM entity

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Notes are a simple CRM entity that can be added to most other entities in a one to many join.

An example of using the CRM API to add these programmatically to another entity is as follows. The "ObjectId" is the entity reference to the entity that will contain the note. This can be almost any entity in your CRM solution. In the example the entity type of the note being added is a Contact.

Dim note As New Annotation
   With note
       .Subject = "Sponsor Details"
       Dim sb As New StringBuilder("")
       sb.AppendLine("Sponsor Name: " & SponsorName & vbCrLf)
       sb.AppendLine("Sponsor MembershipNumber: " & SponsorMembershipNo & vbCrLf)
       sb.AppendLine("Sponsor Company: " & SponsorCompanyName & vbCrLf)
       sb.AppendLine("Sponsor Email: " & SponsorEmail & vbCrLf)
       .NoteText = sb.ToString
     End If
     Dim conRef As New EntityReference(Contact.EntityLogicalName, New System.Guid(contactGUID))
    .ObjectId = conRef
  End With

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