Create a custom workflow step in CRM Online

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First download the latest version of the developer SDK for CRM ( up to date as of 27/03/2013

Once downloaded extract to the folder of choice.

Navigate to /sdk/tools/developertoolkit and run the relevant msi (crmdevelopertools_installer.msi for vs 2010 crmdevelopertoolsvs12_installer.msi for vs 2012)


Add a new "Dynamics CRM 2011 Package" project to your solution.

ScreenHunter_67 Nov. 08 10.44

it will prompt you to connect to your CRM server. Add in discovery service URL (can be found under settings, developer settings within web interface) ... do not add "https://" to your URL and a port number is not needed. Add your username and password and then select your organisation and solution (default for solution choice is fine)

After the package has been added and saved add another new project to the solution, this time of type "Dynamics CRM 2011 Workflow Library"

ScreenHunter_69 Nov. 08 10.47

Go to the properties of your Workflow library project and select the "signing" section. Sign your project (no need to set a password) and then save.

ScreenHunter_68 Nov. 08 10.45

Add a new item of type "Workflow Activity Class" to the library(one to many of these can be added, one for each custom step). The popup that will then show will include fields: name, friendly name, activity group name and description. Ensure that you enter a value for ALL of these values.

ScreenHunter_70 Nov. 08 10.47

ScreenHunter_72 Nov. 08 10.49

Once added, the Workflow Activity class will have a lot of pre-populated code. However, there is a section noted as a comment ("// TODO: Implement your custom Workflow business logic."). Add in any of your code to this section and save

Once this has been completed, go back to your package project and double click the file named "RegisterFile.crmregister" and find the line that will now be there mentioning "isolationmode". Change this to have a value of "Sandbox"

ScreenHunter_71 Nov. 08 10.48

Once this is complete, build the solution and, if no errors are present, deploy the Package project.

If this deploys successfully, you will see your step right away in CRM (if adding a step to a process within the settings section)

You do NOT need to use the plugin registration tool in this instance

Only add ONE workflow activity step to EACH Workflow Library project. If needing multiple steps then create multiple projects

11 Nov 2013

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