Dynamics CRM 2013 Launched - New and Improved

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We will be providing separate in-depth posts on each feature, but here is a quick guide to what's new in Dynamics CRM 2013. 

New User Interface

New form layouts and interface, designed to make better use of screen real estate and provide a fast usable experience across devices and browsers.  Key additions include:

  • Simplified data input with quick create forms, optimised only to gather the key information for the record.
  • Improved ease of use with removal of popups
  • inline editable grids allows for the quick addition of line items e.g. invoice lines.  Also includes inline lookup and editing.
  • Associate images with records e.g. Contact.  New image attribute type allows this to be added to existing and custom entities.
  • Quick view forms surfaces information from related records, without the need to drill into the related record.


Example main screen Dynamics CRM 2013


Process Guidance

The new Process Flow facility allows organisations to define clear guidance and outcomes to drive business goals and efficiency.

  • Guided processes can now be applied to any entity.  
  • Where in the process is this record?  Process guide shows the user clearly where they are in the process.
  • What needs to happen in order to move on? What mandatory or advisory fields should be completed to move on in the process.
  • Configurable processes per entity that requires no programming skills.  Processes can be adapted as the business requirements change.
  • support process flows across entities e.g. Lead, Opportunity, Contact, Account.
  • Allows users to work toward a business goal or outcome
  • Multiple processes can be supported per entity and a record can be switched between processes as required e.g. fast-track.

Business Rules

This great new feature is going to reduce the amount of custom code / JavaScript that we are going to have to write.  This will speed up deployments, reduce implementation costs and ensure the best possible experience for CRM users. 

  • No need for programming skills
  • Hide or show fields on a form based on set conditions e.g. contact type = Member allows membership date fields to be shown 
  • Lock fields based on specified conditions
  • Make one field mandatory based on other field values e.g. you must complete additional driver details if additional driver is Yes. 
  • Rules will apply across devices e.g. tablet, mobile, web

CRM 2013 Business rule builder

Desktop, Tablet & Mobile Apps

With the release of Microsoft Dynamics 2013 there is a great new suite of apps to make it easier to work with CRM on the go.  The new apps include:

  • Mobile app for Android
  • Mobile app for iOS (iPad and iPhone)
  • Windows Phone app
  • Windows 8 app for a great desktop experience.  

All apps provide access to limited information offline. 

Windows 8 app for Microsoft Dynamics 2013

Real Time Workflows

With previous versions of Dynamics CRM if you wanted to have real time code executed with the creation or update of a record you had to author and register a plug-in.  This meant that quick and simple changes by non-developers really wasn't an option.   With real time workflows all of the power of the workflow point and click interface is now available for real time processing.  

Access Teams

This is a new type of team that doesn't own records, but can be granted access to work on records.   This allows a unique set of people within the organisation to easily work on a specific record. 

Integrated Maps

Bing maps has been closely integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, allowing for location based information to be easily available within forms. 

Yammer, Skype & Lync

Yammer, Skype and Lync have all been integrated with CRM to provide improved internal collaboration and to make it easy to contact clients directly from CRM. 


No more forgetting to save and losing data.  CRM 2013 will now save as you go for record updates.  The records will be saved  every 30 seconds.  If necessary this can be disabled at the organisation level or just for specific forms.

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James CTwo is our blogging alter ego for the Dynamics CRM and Web experts here at C2. We have a passion for anything CRM, Web Design or Social Media. We love writing about it! Find us on YouTube & Twitter.

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