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When it comes to deployment options for Microsoft Dynamics CRM organisations have the option to select on-premises or a cloud based deployment. Both fundamentally provide the same functionality, whilst terms of use and infrastructure delivery differ.

On technology trends there is general acceptance by many that Cloud based solutions are the future, however, that’s not to say that there should be complacency or there is peace of mind on security and general “Trust in the Cloud”.

As a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solution Adviser we constantly track and question Microsoft on this and other options for deployment.

Microsoft advocate that they take a leadership role in industry privacy, security, and compliance practices and they are open on their Cloud policy. With respect to Customer data they refer to a policy on:

  • Data separation for security and integrity
  • No data mining or advertising 
  • Data ownership and portability being available

Microsoft are transparent on:

  • Where your data resides
  • Who can access it
  • What they do with it
  • How you are notified of service changes

Microsoft are also committed to the following:

  • Information Security: compliance with world-class industry standards such as ISO 27001 (one of the best security benchmarks in the world) which is verified by third parties.
  • EU Model Clauses: in addition to EU Safe Harbour, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online will sign the standard contractual clauses created by the European Union (the "EU Model Clauses") which address international transfer of data.   Effectively data is stored in the EU to ensure compliance with the data protection act.
  • Five layers of security: data is secured in five different layers: data, application, host, network, and physical.
  • Proactive monitoring: Microsoft proactively monitor to help identify potential unknown threats by predicting malicious behaviour and monitoring for irregular events that may indicate threats.

The above provides a high level insight into Microsoft policy relating to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

Further detailed information and white papers can be sourced at: Dynamics CRM Trust Centre

21 Apr 2014

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