Office of the Independent Adjudicator: SharePoint 2013

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The Office of the Independent Adjudicator (OIA), based in Reading, is an independent body set up to review student complaints.

Working with OIA, C2 Software (C2) successfully designed and deployed a Microsoft SharePoint 2013 solution to facilitate document management requirements for the organisation. With thousands of documents in file shares in place it was proving difficult for individuals to find and retrieve relevant files & versions of files. Overall they had an underlying requirement to enhance usability and document searching & sharing. It was agreed that a well-structured intranet environment be created to facilitate the overall objective.

The outline brief to C2 included implementing SharePoint 2013 to provide:

  • Tailored intranet look and feel to reflect the OIA brand
  • Controlled access to content and publishing based on the SharePoint security model
  • Means of classification for all types of content – pages, news, documents
  • Powerful searching across multiple content sources – SharePoint sites, OIA website and legacy file share locations
  • Include faceted searching and a document preview feature with search results 
  • Document libraries with relevant meta data listing
  • Other requirements: version control, integration with Office (check In  / out and adding of meta data directly from Word)

C2 were commissioned to work with the OIA to design an effective SharePoint solution and to make recommendation on how the platform could be deployed to meet their knowledge sharing objectives. As part of the delivery C2 provided: consultancy, functional & technical design specification, deployment of SharePoint, implementation of a branded intranet solution, configuration of Office Web Application Server, and tailored staff training & skills transfer.


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