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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online has a free add on for users with a Professional Subscription. Social Insights is an ideal way to pre-populate information on Companies and Contacts from information held by the service, social media and data partners e.g. Experian. This service helps to:

  • Populate additional information on the Accounts and Contacts
  • Identify contacts within organisations and their role
  • Assist with the accuracy of information captured in CRM
  • Reduce re-keying of data with automatic sync of data from the service

Social Insights in Action

Step 1: Search for the Company or Organisation

After searching for the company you can review the details and confirm whether to review the other possible options via the "Not the right company?" link. For each company the main address, telephone numbers and recent news are retrieved.


Step 2: Select what details to Sync to CRM

The "Sync" option will allow the user to choose which fields on the Account should be updated from the Social Insights data. This ensures that the user has full control over how the Social Insights data should be used.


Step 3: Create new Contact records based on the Social Insights data

As well Account information, Social Insights provides access to information on staff associated with the company. This can be filtered by Job Level and Function.


Step 4: Review Contact Details & Synchronise to CRM


As well as standard contact details the Social Insights contact details can include Linked In, Twitter and Facebook information. The Contact data can be synchronised across from Social Insights to CRM in a similar manner to Accounts.

Other Information

A range of other supporting information is available to provide additional intelligence within Dynamics CRM.


See who the organisation competes with and how they are positioned in the marketplace.


Financial Information

Where available access financial data over a number of years.


Company Structure

See the company / group structure and drill in to see supporting information on subsidiaries.



Collated information from a range of social networks and RSS feeds.



Understand the level of traffic to the organisation's website.


Installing Social Insights

Installation is as simple as downloading the product from and installing the Solution in Dynamics CRM. Once installed a simple setup wizard is available from the configuration option for the Solution. Detailed instructions are available at

As mentioned in the introduction Social Insights is available at no additional cost to Dynamics CRM 2013 customers with a Professional Subscription.

Microsoft have indicated that Social Insights is currently only available in the USA with a global roll out coming in 2014. We have however found that we were able to install and activate it now.

16 Dec 2013

About the Author

James CTwo is our blogging alter ego for the Dynamics CRM and Web experts here at C2. We have a passion for anything CRM, Web Design or Social Media. We love writing about it! Find us on YouTube & Twitter.

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