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If your organisation is considering implementing a new CRM system it is not difficult to do the research and the maths to work out what is best for your business; be it a basic, cheap and cheerful, or something more strategic and future-proofed for the business.

C2 are obviously biased towards Microsoft Dynamics CRM, but not to the extent of being blind or unprofessional. If it isn't right we won't sell it. In fact a few years ago our roots were pretty much vendor neutral and a key message was that of being an independent CRM provider.

Reasons why we changed tack! Firstly we wanted to become more niche and specialist. Secondly once Microsoft started to take CRM seriously by releasing a compelling solution we were of the mind that they were a force to be reckoned with.

By releasing Dynamics CRM Online as a cloud based product, Microsoft really took on the competition. It remains competitively priced, and the cloud based rental model is attractive to many. As such Microsoft made an aggressive attack against the likes of Salesforce by providing a feature rich, low cost solution, whilst providing both on-line and on-premises deployment options.

On Dynamics CRM there are a few further headline arguments for selecting the product:-

  • Rapid deployment and reduced IT capital costs
  • Comes with familiar Microsoft look and feel enabling quick adoption
  • Is integrated with Outlook which for most organisations is their email client of choice
  • It includes a flexible framework for creation of custom record entities and views in minutes
  • Capability to automate time consuming tasks and provide customised views
  • Seamless integration with other Microsoft solutions e.g. SharePoint & Yammer
  • Dynamics CRM is proven to deliver return on investment for numerous organisations
  • Microsoft provide uptime and reliability service level guarantees and all cloud hosting meets EU data processing requirements.

21 Nov 2013

About the Author

James CTwo is our blogging alter ego for the Dynamics CRM and Web experts here at C2. We have a passion for anything CRM, Web Design or Social Media. We love writing about it! Find us on YouTube & Twitter.

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