PowerApps - Line of Business Apps on Mobile and Desktop

Once you understand the problem, PowerApps allows you to imagine a solution and build fully functional desktop, tablet and mobile apps specific to your business need, without having to write code.
  • Build usable apps that focus on specific business requirements
  • Quickly get started by using pre-built app templates
  • Fully Integrated with Dynamics 365 & Office 365
  • Potential to integrate with other online services and open platforms
  • Workflow automation enabled (Microsoft Flow)
  • Give people what they need to drive results
  • Increase productivity and efficiency

C2 can work with you to analyse your requirements, identifying whether PowerApps is the right tool for the job and help to design and build apps that are tailored to your business requirements,

Contact C2 today to explore how we can transform your business and how Microsoft PowerApps can be used to get closer to your customers.

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