Power BI for Business Intelligence

Many organisations drown in silos of data within, systems databases, and disparate spreadsheets. Getting accurate and timely business intelligence is a common problem that inhibits a business' agility & decision making.

Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools that delivers real-time insights. It allows business users to create and share reports and works against multiple data sources. It can scale across the business, publish to the web, be accessed anywhere, has built-in security, and it can also be used for Dynamics 365 reporting.

  • Quickly go from data, to insight, to action
  • Always be in the know with data at your fingertips
  • Connect to hundreds of data sources
  • Create elegant reports on the fly
  • View dashboards on the web or on your phone
  • Get alerts when data changes
  • Bring your apps to life and create meaningful reports

To see how C2 can transform your data management and reporting systems with Dynamics 365, Contact Us today for a free consultation to discuss the capability of Business Intelligence Tools with Dynamics 365 and other data sources.

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